2021 Expectations and Predictions

Peter Gasca
6 min readJan 1, 2021
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If you were affected by the COVID19 pandemic, whether as someone who lost a job or closed a business, was forced to deal with children at home every day, worked as a health care provider, or was directly impacted with the coronavirus, then you have every reason to believe that 2020 was really bad.

There were definitely silver linings, however. For starters, we saw a remarkable push to develop and distribution a vaccine, which ordinarily requires four to five years. We saw renewed support for mask-wearing (mostly), which has allowed us to flow into a “normal” change of lifestyle that keeps the economy chugging along. And while not optimal, we have found ways to educate our youth and generally keep people safe.

Sure, it may be a while before we shake hands or dive into mosh pits again, but I think we can reflect and mostly agree that we did fine without some of these things.

What I am interested in is looking to the future, specifically 2021, to see what lies ahead. Here are a few thoughts:

Roaring 20's

Like the 1920’s, which was a remarkable age of prosperity and growth following a global pandemic, I think we are going to see the pent-up demand, fueled by our general inclination toward indulgence and curiosity, blow up.

Introverts, myself included, have mostly weathered the travel restrictions and social distancing, but for those who have the slightest inclination to do something other than use the “random” function on Netflix, myself included, the idea of travel, restaurants, concerts, etc is going to be an itch too strong and often to ignore.

Long term, this could and most likely will lead to a more severe economic recession, as many will spend freely and fail to save for the rainy days. The positive is that many businesses will be better prepared with contingencies to handle significant business interruptions.

Anti-Trust Trust

The move to break up large tech companies will become very intense, especially given the power and influence these large companies have. I believe companies like Facebook will find the pressures too great to overcome, and while they can make the argument that the company helps consumers, there is ample evidence that it is…



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