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Apple’s iconic founder, Steve Jobs, often quipped that “saying no to a thousand things” allows entrepreneurs to concentrate talent and improve results on just a few projects. He demonstrated this in 1997 when he returned to Apple after a long absence and immediately slashed the number of products from 350 to 10. Within two years, the company was laser-focused on a handful of innovative projects, leading the company from near death to become the most valuable company in the world.

Jobs’ credo and profound effect on Apple is difficult to ignore. Getting caught up in saying “no” to every project…

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Madam President

As I stand here, in this forum amongst my peers, all of whom were selected by and have constitutional obligations to constituents, I am torn. And, more importantly, I am tired.

I am tired of this endless back and forth. I am tired of the zero sum game that we have created in order to satiate our constituents. I am tired of neglecting the oath we took to serve to focus on this when there are so many more important issues on which to focus.

Madam President, it is my belief, as it always has been, that we…

Desktop with 2021 journal and pen
Desktop with 2021 journal and pen
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If you were affected by the COVID19 pandemic, whether as someone who lost a job or closed a business, was forced to deal with children at home every day, worked as a health care provider, or was directly impacted with the coronavirus, then you have every reason to believe that 2020 was really bad.

There were definitely silver linings, however. For starters, we saw a remarkable push to develop and distribution a vaccine, which ordinarily requires four to five years. We saw renewed support for mask-wearing (mostly), which has allowed us to flow into a “normal” change of lifestyle that…

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This issue of racial tension, stemming from decades of social attitudes and growing economic inequality, is nothing new, as I’m sure a few of you understand only too well. It exists for African Americans as well as several other minorities in this country, from immigrants to women.

As a half-Hispanic male who clearly has and continues to benefit from the whiter half of my privilege, I am largely insulated from the struggles we are seeing, so it is difficult for me to fully appreciate all that is happening. …

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A student recently asked me for investing advice, leading the question with the fact that the resulting condition of the global economies, a function of the COVID-19 pandemic, seemed to have made this time now the most opportune to buy stocks and, presumably, sell them soon for a quick profit.

It was the type of question that was looking more for validation than speculation.

He had asked because I once mentioned that for two decades, I have spent more time than I would like to admit trying to understand the market forces, evolving industries and company valuations, all in an…

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In my line of work, I have the privilege of mentoring and working with startup entrepreneurs who often offer unique and remarkable ideas that, in my opinion, have the potential for significant commercial impact.

Unfortunately, many of these ideas end up in the dust heap of forgotten businesses that never get traction.

Why do so many great ideas fail? The reality is that many promising new ideas are derived from products or services or systems that have yet to be considered. They are disruptive in nature and typically exist only in the abstract.

Dealing with these ideas therefore demands a…

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“I quit. I’m in Miami and leaving the van with the keys here.”

That was the call I received one weekend not long after launching my first business. To exacerbate the situation, the van referenced was full of valuable merchandise, and I was 11 hours away in South Carolina.

And so started my long history of terrible hires.

Some background. I had started a business with a partner, and we were already stretched to the limit with time and money and stress. The van in question was in route to Miami to deliver merchandise to new clients, and needless to…

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Do you remember when you were young?
What Christmas really meant?
Many sleepless nights before
Opening Christmas presents?

Do you remember writing Santa,
Pleading for toys you’d want?
Leaving milk and cookies,
And carrots for old Rudolph.

Do you remember when joy abound,
Faces poached with endless smiles?
Holiday music filled the air,
And red and green were in style.

I remember those days fondly,
And held them close for years.
It was just last year, however,
When Christmas brought me to tears

You see, about this time last year,
For my girlfriend, I bought a present. …

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This article originally appeared in 2016 at

Thanksgiving is here, a time when we gather with friends and family to celebrate the end of a long harvest, enjoy a delicious meal and follow up with a long nap on this relaxing Thursday afternoon. Thanksgiving is also a time to break from our busy routines and reflect on the wonderful people and things we have in our lives.

And while I believe we have drifted away from the latter aspect of the holiday, trading it for the opportunity to gorge food and indulge in football (all while still fitting in…

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Recently I received a handwritten Thank You note. It was odd because it was thanking me for a handwritten Thank You note I had sent a few weeks ago. Of course, I did what anyone in this situation would do -- I sent a handwritten Thank You note in response.

If this sounds ridiculous, it is. In truth, however, my new note-exchange friend was just as excited and surprised to receive a handwritten note as I was. …

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